If you’ve made it this far, we guess you do.

Do you love golf? Are you into fitness? Do you like getting saucy on the course and winning free shit? If you answered yes to all of these questions, keep reading...

First off, to become a Flush ambassador, you must fit the following criteria. (It’s a no-shoes, no-entry kinda deal).

-You must be aged between 18-40

-You have at least 1000+ followers on your main social media channel

-You must play off +2 and be able to smoke your driver at least 390 yards (straight)

*Ok, the last one’s not mandatory, but if you do, hit us up, we need lessons.

As a Flush Golf ambassador, you will take part in challenges, test products, and create content to share across your social media. And guess what? You will get some serious perks in return, think free Flush Golf gear, exclusive chances to enter competitions, and cheeky sneak peeks at our latest drops.

Still here? Good. Let’s get to know each other.

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